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    Your primary care physician can refer you to the Women's Cardiac Center, or you can call 401-793-7870 for an appointment.

    The Miriam Hospital
    Fain Health Centers, 2nd
    164 Summit Ave.
    Providence, RI, 02906
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    The Women's Cardiac Center at The Miriam Hospital offers complete diagnostic and clinical cardiology services, cardiovascular surgery and cardiac rehabilitation to women.

    Each new patient at the center has a baseline evaluation, which includes a review of her medical history, a cardiovascular physical examination and an EKG. Each patient is offered an evaluation by a behavioral medicine specialist who can help the patient modify her lifestyle if necessary.

    Based on the patient's evaluation and interview, an individualized regimen of medications, diet, exercise, nutritional counseling and stress management is provided. If necessary, a referral for non-invasive or invasive testing will be made. The Women's Cardiac Center forwards the results and recommendations for each patient to her primary care physician.

    We offer:

    • Continuing care. Your primary care physician will receive a report after every visit.
    • Nutritional counseling. Our behavioral medicine staff educates patients about healthy eating habits and how to incorporate exercise into their lives.
    • Cardiac rehabilitation. We provide cardiac rehabilitation classes with EKG-monitored exercise, including strength training, stationary bicycling and walking.
    • Stress reduction. The center's staff recognizes that women face unique stresses. We provide stress reduction group sessions to help patients cope with stress, anger, anxiety and loss.

    Make an appointment

    Your primary care physician can refer you to the center, or you can call 401-793-7870 for an appointment. Our office is located at The Miriam Hospital on the second floor of the Fain Building. The Miriam Hospital accepts Medicare, Medicaid and all private insurance plans.