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  • Memory and Cognitive Disorders Assessment Service

  • With an accurate diagnosis some conditions, including Alzheimer's Disease, are treatable. When an individual has an irreversible brain disorder, it is important to understand the impact of the condition on the person's life and to help the individual through the course of the disease. In order to address the problem, the family often needs to develop new coping skills.

    The Miriam Hospital Memory and Cognitive Disorders Assessment Service provides diagnostic and consultative services to evaluate adults who have symptoms of impaired memory loss and brain functioning.

    The service assists and supports patients by establishing a diagnosis, which enables patients to understand their symptoms. Working with physicians and caregivers, we provide recommendations for managing the adjustments to changes in daily living.

    Who is eligible?

    Any adult experiencing difficulties with memory and thinking is encouraged to make an appointment to find out more about the service. The cost of most evaluations and testing is covered by insurance. Each patient should check with his or her insurance company for details about what their plan covers.

    For an appointment or additional information, please call 401-793-8740. Appointments can be made through referrals from physicians, psychologists, social workers, community agencies or family members.